I have never fired a gun. Do I need a firearms license to come?

No. All you need is a passport or ID if you are a citizen of Poland.


I am underage. Can I shoot?

Minors can shoot If they come with their parent or a legal guardian. 

Should I make a reservation?

Please, let us know before you visit our range. (e-mail, phone or facebook website)

How should i dress?

Our indoor shooting range is a year-round facility. Sports clothing should be the best.

I am foreigner. Can i shoot?

Yes. All you need is a passport or ID. Please make reservation before you visit and our english speaking instructors will be available for you.

Can I buy a gift for my relatives?

Yes. You can buy a gift voucher

Can I organize a group event at your place?

Yes. Our object is prepared for events such as company meetings, birthday or bachelor parties etc. There is a conference room inside the building. In the summer you can use our grill place. We also organize catering for our customers. 

Can I pay by credit card?




Visit us :)

ul. Złota 65

36-060 Głogów Małopolski

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 1200 - 2000

tel. 502 523 887. Please make a reservation prior to visit.


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